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Are you suffering from terrible toothache, bleeding gums or a broken crown? Nethergate Dental Practice is here to help end your dental pain and discomfort.

We offer emergency appointments to solve your dental crisis and leave you without pain.

Contact us today for a Full Tooth Crisis Audit – Just £153

Complete and clear guidance with costings of any further treatment you may require!

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What can happen if discomfort is overlooked

What will happen if dental APPOINTMENTS ARE MISSED?

It is perfectly understandable – quite a few people try to tough it out, true grit, some people think it is soft to go to a dental professional for a tiny toothache or a yearly check up.

However, frequent or periodically reoccurring tooth troubles is your mouth’s sole way of alerting you, perhaps to a potentially significant problem: discomfort is a way of telling you this must not be ignored.

It may progressively get worse – and you may lose time at work.

After back pain, dental troubles are one of the main causes of time lost from work. In these days of manufacturer downsizing and job insecurity, you want to be at work and at your very best when you are there.

Delay may make future necessary dental treatment a lot more difficult, a lot more time consuming, a lot more costly and much less effective.

Delaying essential treatment, masking discomfort with aspirin and using various medications may actually make for treatment that is much more difficult when the time comes and you can no longer put it off.

Ultimately, it may produce a necessity for dental surgery.

Dentistry surgical treatment is no small matter. Going under the knife always carries some element of risk. Your ability to work and play may be limited after surgery. Surgical treatment and recuperation can be quite costly.

Had a great experience at Nethergate Dental Practice. Lynsay did a great job and explained everything she was doing while making sure i had a comfortable and pain-free experience overall.
Davis V.
Davis V.
The team working at Nethergate Dental Practise are all wonderful, professional and friendly. They had a lot of work to do with my teeth, but I was met with understanding and non-judgemental additude all the way through. Was a pleasure to return each step of the way. <3
Jenny M.
Jenny M.
What can I say,was a bit apprehensive at first as not too keen on dentists because of previous ones,but as I stepped through the door I was made to feel at ease by everyone, from the receptionists to the lovely dentist and dental nurses . It was pain free and yes I will go back,I feel a lot more confident in myself now as I can smile with confidence, 5 stars all the way
Cheryl F.
Cheryl F.
I’ve always had the best experience at Nethergate. Everyone is approachable, helpful and friendly and always make you feel at ease. Outstanding customer service!

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