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Straight Teeth Solutions


High Speed Braces™

Clear braces (brackets and wires) for the front of your teeth

Clear Aligners

Clear, removable Invisalign® or Invisadent™ aligners

Lingual Braces

Invisible braces that fit behind your teeth

Are you hiding your smile on photos? Would you love to be able to take a selfie with confidence? Don’t worry we are here to help!

Nethergate Dental Practice For Your Straight Teeth Treatment

Nethergate Dental Practice is one of only a few cosmetic dentists in Scotland that can provide you with an exciting technology, making it easier and faster to straighten your teeth with “High Speed Braces ™.”

In addition we are classed as a Cfast Centre of Excellence and a Platinum Elite Provider for Invisalign.

At Nethergate Dental Practice we have a range of straight teeth systems that will transform your smile and help to restore your self-confidence.

We can help give you the smile you have always dreamt about using our Clear Braces Systems, and they’re not as expensive as you might think!

We want you to be proud of your smile, and with the latest advances within the world of invisible braces we can now make this a real possibility for you!

Our brace systems are:

  • Fast
  • Discreet
  • With Guaranteed Results.
No longer do you have to endure the inconvenience, discomfort and appearance of traditional braces! There are a variety of options that are designed to meet your physical and lifestyle needs

Full Aligner Treatment

For those that prefer or require more movement of the teeth to create the desired smile and a stable bite.

High Speed Braces™

For those that require some tooth movements that cannot be achieved predictably or quickly with aligner treatments.

Comprehensive Orthodontics

For those that require more significant bite changes and significant tooth movement.

Are you suitable for Straighter Teeth? Take the next step with a Complimentary Consultation with our Smile Advisors.

Download our straight teeth guide

Download our straight teeth guide

Unlock the path to a confident and radiant smile by downloading our guide to straight teeth treatment. This comprehensive resource is designed to empower you with valuable insights into the various treatment options available for achieving perfectly aligned teeth.

Discover the benefits of short term orthodontic procedures, understand the different types of options, and gain knowledge about the latest advancements in teeth straightening technologies. Whether you’re considering traditional braces, clear aligners, or other innovative solutions, our guide will serve as your go-to reference, helping you make informed decisions about the best treatment for your unique needs.

Take the first step toward a straighter, more beautiful smile by downloading our guide today and embark on a journey to a brighter and more confident you.

Straighter teeth in a matter of months

Our High Speed Braces™ treatment is fast, discreet and affordable, with most patients completing their treatment after just six to nine months.

Your teeth will start to move into the correct position and, as a result, they will no longer overlap and you can walk away with a great, straight smile. We have several options that we can use as part of our  High Speed Braces™ treatment.

How can it be so much faster than traditional braces? Traditional orthodontics focus on the position of your bite, and so can take years of treatment wearing metal braces. High Speed Braces™ focus on just the front teeth that make up your visible smile, so treatment time is much shorter.

These can be clear braces that fit on the front of your teeth or completely invisible braces that actually go behind your teeth or, if you would prefer, clear removable retainers.

Invisalign clear braces and retainers can straighten your teeth quickly and discreetly, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted in a matter of months. The innovative ClinCheck® system allows you to view the projected results of your treatment before it commences. 

Invisalign aligners can be removed at any time during treatment, you can eat whatever you want, maintain good oral hygiene, and choose to remove them briefly for special occasions such as weddings or big meetings. Your lifestyle remains intact with Invisalign invisible aligners.

Five reasons why you should choose Nethergate Dental Practice for your Straight Teeth treatment

Number 1
Complete Dental Assessments

You are completely assessed by one of our dentists. We check the full health of your mouth so that we can guarantee the success of your treatment. This includes a full dental heath check, X-rays, gum condition, bite check and bone levels before we start your treatment.

The last thing we want to do is for you to lose your teeth further down the line because we tried to cut costs and cut corners.

Number 2
We Stick With You Throughout Your Treatment

We want to make sure your braces are right from the off. So, our dentists will check to ensure that your new retainers are properly fitting before you start your treatment. In addition, we know that sometimes we will need to take extra measures to ensure that stubborn teeth move into position as planned. Your dentist will see you regularly throughout treatment to make sure everything is going to plan.

Number 3
We Stop Your Teeth From Moving Back

We include not one, but two types of retainer for you to wear after you have finished your treatment. Again, we want your treatment to last, we don’t want those teeth to move back. Included as part of the package is a clear removable retainer for you to wear at night and also a fixed retainer that we place on the back of your teeth. That way if you forget the removable retainer the other one is always there working.

Number 4
Regulated And Protected

Our practice is regulated by the General Dentistry Council (GDC) and the NHS Health Board to make sure we reach standards in terms of training, cleanliness and accountability.

Number 5
Award Winning Premium Providers

We are part of the award winning Pain Free Dentistry Group that has won awards for Best Patient Care, Best Treatment of Nervous Patients and Practice of The Year. Not only that, we are Scotland’s only Premium Providers of Invisalign and Cfast systems.

On top of all that, we guarantee you a straighter, whiter smile or your money back!

Are you ready to transform your smile?

Take the next step to a fantastic new smile with a complimentary consultation with our smile advisor. Just call 01382 224784 or click on the button below to arrange your Complimentary Consultation

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